My Favorite Natural Mascara

Not a day goes by that patients don’t ask me about getting longer/better/more eyelashes or what they can use to make their lashes better.  Healthy lashes are the key and I always tell patients that removing your makeup at night is an absolute must (I use, love, and recommend We Love Eyes cleansers) otherwise your lashes will get brittle and break.  Proper nutrition and not rubbing your eyes is important too.  I have also found from personal experience that using  natural mascara has made a huge difference in how my lashes grow and how healthy they are.  Below are my some of my favorites.

  • Pacifica DreamBig Mascara
    • This is my favorite everyday mascara.  It volumizes, separates, and lengthens with a cool wand.  I also love that I can apply multiple coats without clumps and that it lasts all day. It also contains a serum and conditioners that improve the health of your lashes.
  • W3ll People Expressionist Mascara
    • This one is slightly more expensive than the Pacifica but it comes in multiple colors has an amazing brush and does a great job of nourishing lashes with a botanical blend of ingredients.
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara
    • This mascara also comes in multiple colors and makes your lashes ridiculously long.  If you are looking for length over volume this is your mascara.
  • Beauty Counter Lengthening Mascara
    • Made with organic oils and shea butter this mascara doesn’t smudge or clump even with multiple coats. It also builds with multiple coats like a dream.
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